Who is gino lee?



Singer, keyboardist, performer and entertainer.

He has performed at various festivals and functions, including, THE APOLLO THEATRE, YOTEL NYC, THE BITTER END,  VW RECOGNITION AWARDS 2012. He was an OPENING ACT FOR IDOLS 2010 and in the TOP 89 OF SA IDOLS 2012.

Currently based out of LA, he has been featured in many top artist's music videos, including BEA MILLER, JESSIE J and MARY J BLIGE. He can also be seen in various major commercials for GOOGLE, SUBWAY, KOHL'S and LETV.

Gino is currently working as a producer/writer for SKYLIGHT STUDIOS in NORTH HOLLYWOOD, and THE COMPOUND PRODUCTION HOUSE in Burbank CA. 

Gino pursues many passions but his ultimate dream is to become a succesful well recognised musician.

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by Gino Lee

life after college.

10.28.2016 / Cape Town


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